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GTA 6 Vice City Desired Features | #Games

Grand Theft Auto 6 developer Rockstar Games is making attempts to measure up to or surpass what is more often considered the Mount Everest of gaming achievements. Its forerunner, Grand Theft Auto : Vice City is considered a notable piece of fictional entertainment. Not to mention, GTA has enjoyed more than a decade of success all thanks to its several iterations. 

Furthermore, the game took place in the sunny and vibrant streets of Los Santos accompanied by an expansive map, a difficult to understand narrative, and limitless entertainment in the online version of GTA that is standing up to the expectations even today. Additionally, if you desire more information in this regard, then visit the webpage: CSGOSmurfNinja. These are the people who deal in a diverse variety of GTA 5 online modded accounts as well, all at industry competitive prices. 

GTA 6 Will Mirror Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Despite the reality that leaks had already confirmed it, the very December that just passed by, Rockstar Games released to the public a trailer that disclosed some subtle intricacies and details of Grand Theft Auto 6 environment. It will be a homecoming of sorts, as Vice City will be the star of the show once more.

The setting was situated in the heart of a highly cherished Microsoft PlayStation 2 title, but even two decades after the game’s initial release made its debut, it must be subjected to notable changes both in terms of its atmosphere and appearance. In addition to that, if you are looking for GTA V modded accounts at affordable prices, then CSGO Smurf Ninja can fulfil your desire. 

List Of Features That Must Be There In GTA 6

1. Swimming In The Sea Around Vice City Would Correct A Wrong

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas consisted of swimming as a mechanic, while Grand Theft Auto: Vice City did not. Furthermore, for an expansive map that was surrounded by water from all sides, this was a clear limitation, one that could really frustrate the GTA community members who were not ready to give up on their liberty to explore, away from the story. 

Note: As per the game manual, the main reason that prohibited us GTA gamers from swimming in the surrounding waters in GTA: Vice City was because it was filled with flesh eating sharks. 

On the contrary, when it comes to GTA 5, swimming is not only permitted, but also actively encouraged, within fully developed underwater areas that offer an immersive experience which is awesome in nature. And, to repeat this GTA 5 swimming experience in Grand Theft Auto 6 will do justice to the 2002 release, along with adding more diversity to the game. 

Off-course, Subnautica must not be the benchmark for the upcoming Rockstar release. Over and above that, you can have fun with a diverse variety of GTA 5 mods, with GTA V modded accounts that are easily available at CSGO Smurf Ninja

2. Crime Rules In Grand Theft Auto

As is understood by the title only, GTA 6 will include us (GTA gamers) indulging in illegal activities. But, the 2025 game trailer shows a huge deal of hostile behaviour occurring all across the landscape. Additionally, Grand Theft Auto has done an admirable job when it comes depicting instances of crime happening at several various locations spread throughout the game world at regular intervals. That is why, magnifying this element and conveying the sense of a truly lawless place would only add to the Grand Theft Auto world’s vitality and liveliness. 

3. Vice City’s Soundtrack Is Fundamental To The Experience

GTA: Vice City was a return to the flashy, classic, and vibrant streets of a fictional Miami in the 1980s. Not to mention, the music accompanying the game was in-tune with the time. Radio stations blared Michael Jackson, and Kim Wilde music while players took a ride down the beachfront made Vice City stand apart from different GTA iterations. That is why, GTA  6 featuring modern era music will make things harder for Rockstar Games to overcome. 

In other words, off-course modern era music has a fanbase of its own, but with GTA 6 mirroring Vice City, 80s era music would be the best thing to do. Additionally, if you are a Microsoft Xbox One owner with a desire to get the best out of modded accounts, then GTA 5 online modded accounts from CSGOSmurfNinja can do the job for you. 

Final Words

As is the trend, here we will part our ways for today, with a brief summary, of all that we have learned today. To begin with, Grand Theft Auto has enjoyed more than a decade of success all thanks to its various iterations. Furthermore, the official Dec ’23 trailer released by Rockstar Games made public that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be a second debut for GTA: Vice City. Last but not least, list of features that must be present in GTA 6 to make it a success. 

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